About Us

We primarily operate through presenting a series of relevant modules that are geared specifically to your church leadership team.
Workshops are tailored for your needs as a church, charity, organisation or missions project. We facilitate half day/full day/ or two day sessions covering a variety of ministry aspects.

These modules include Change Management / Transitional roles within a Church / Team Structure / Ministry Readiness / Self Aware Leaders / Leadership Development / Compound Effect / Change Impacts / Conflict Management / Identifying the Vision, Values and Culture. On a typical day’s session, we would incorporate four workshops, plus questions/answers. The environment of these presentations are relational, and enjoyable.

Questions to ask

How do we create a vision for new structures rather than make changes as a “knee-jerk” response
How can the staff and volunteers feel excited about changes in light of a shared vision and strategy
How can we keep the best of a “small church feel” while working more strategically and decisively at all levels of leadership
How can training in vision, clarity, and communication strengthen the boldness of senior leadership without it feeling “personality based”
What does it look like to create new ministry ideas and maintain a simple church strategy
How can the staff not only embrace change, but learn important perspectives and disciplines to drive and manage growth to another level

Plus, what are we ultimately supposed to be doing and how are we to define and measure success?

Invest in your staff and volunteers. Witness an increase in productivity and ministry ownership through your investment in a church consultant.


For all our services including

* Invite to speak at your church
* Conference or Leadership Seminars
* Workshops and delivery of Modules
* Supporting with Church Governance Documentation
* Pastoral Counsel or support
* Monthly Leadership Consultancy

Please email us or call 07480 126137 for an informal chat.

‘The word Disciple means Learner. Let us never stop learning, no matter what position or calling, or for how long we have been a follower of Christ. Never stop investing in your own learning and development’

– Danny Miller