Why We Exist

About Us

I’m sure many of us as church leaders have felt as Moses did in Exodus 14, where it appears we are facing a dead-end. Where do we go from here? There’s no turning back as we have come so far, but people around us are complaining, crying out that it was better in the old days (Egypt), they were being pursued by enemies of the past (Pharaoh’s Army). Have you ever felt as Moses did?

Our Story

The feelings of failure may have flooded his mind. It’s not easy being responsible for three million people. But then it’s not easy being responsible for 30, or 300 people. Whatever you are facing: staff changes; space restrictions; attendance decline; ageing members; conflict; outreach issues; time management; low church esteem; We are here to help.
Maybe times are good. Are you experiencing church growth and increase? That’s an important time to seek help too. How do you: identify new leaders; implant vision; create key values and culture; look at creative ways of training and equipping your leaders and ministry heads; get teams ready to send on a short-term missions trip; creating a ‘family’ feel. There are leaders who may have been ideal in the early days, but what about now? You may be looking for a different type of leader to join you than you did before?

Are you thinking of a church plant? Who you send out is key to how you cope with potential conflicts, rifts, ego’s, different agenda’s etc ?We encourage all to celebrate success, however we are also aware that with increase in growth, comes an increase in challenges and obstacles.

When it comes to the foundation our consultant’s strategy? The root of our foundation consistently reflects the Word of God. The very foundation of all what we do is built on scripture. We want you to be confident that you not only have a good process to help revitalise your church, but also have a good foundation, derived from the pages of Scripture. We love God’s Word and the principles of our teaching and presentations stem from scripture.

Refresh Church Consultancy exists to support the Church Leader and their leadership teams. No matter what denomination, no matter the size of the church, or whether it’s a new church plant or an established church of many years. All face the need for constant change and development in a post-Covid world.

The sign of a potential declining fellowship, is when you hear the words, ‘We’ve always done it this way’!

We completely respect and honour the autonomy of a church leadership

nd we always recognise that we are there by your invitation. Our desire is to serve and facilitate your church, by equipping your church with the necessary tools to establish a healthy structure. Whether out of storms and decline, or out of fruit and increase. Or from a simple recognition to change and being prepared for a new and exciting chapter as part of the Body of Christ.

The essence of faith, is putting things in place before they are needed. We can all be reactionary, but an effective leader has vision and puts things in place to ‘cope with growth’. After Moses experienced the miracle of the sea parting after being pursued by the Egyptians, Moses father-in-law Jethro, gave Moses three key instructions.

1. To raise up leaders and release them into areas of responsibility.
2. To cope with growth and increase.
3. To be positioned.

Jethro said to Moses

”Moreover you shall select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them to be rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens’. (Exodus 18:21 NKJV).

Moses was getting exhausted, caring for the people from morning till evening, day after day. He was getting burned out and not really being effective. Therefore, to cope with growth and the spiritual needs of the people, Moses listened to the counsel and advice of Jethro and appointed leaders. This structure is just as relevant today for a 21st century church. Refresh is a voice of Jethro to help, arise and support.

We also provide confidential support and counsel for pastors and their spouse

Spouses are sometimes cast aside and left to pick up the pieces during church conflicts or challenges. We have seen many pastors and their spouses deeply hurt by the actions of those around them, sometimes by those they trusted. We are here to help and to remind you, you’re not alone.
These sessions can take place online, or face to face (even over an informal meal or coffee together). 

We understand that some leaders may be wary of outside support, this isn’t necessarily from insecurity but as a ‘gatekeeper’, leaders must be careful and wise about who they allow to speak over their lives or their churches. We understand this and this is why our attitude and approach is to facilitate and support. We are here to see you fulfil all that God has designed in you and to create a healthy foundation and church structure that supports you as the leader and becomes a launching pad of restoration and increase.

Refresh Church Consultancy exists for you. No matter where in the world your church is based, we can partner together. Our approach is relational and yet professional. We have the knowledge, experience and leadership qualifications behind us. Let’s talk!

The Benefits of a Church Consultant

Church consulting can take a variety of approaches depending on the needs of the church. Refresh would often begin with a ‘Church Health Check’ to get a more accurate picture of the specific needs and challenges. The Prophet Nehemiah was called ‘from the outside’ to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem. Upon his arrival, Nehemiah first performed a ‘recon’, inspecting the walls and seeing what was healthy, and what needed repair or complete restoring.

Once we have complete and accurate information, we can more effectively tailor our assistance to the areas that would produce the greatest benefit for the church and your leadership team.

What often stands us apart from other consultants is that we come from senior church leadership backgrounds. We know first-hand what it’s like to be a Senior Minister. Also, having the unique experience of operating in a variety of churches around the world, enables us to bring a culturally sensitive approach. Western Church models do not often operate effectively within a Chinese House Church or the Middle East. The gospel message never changes, however, church models vary around the world. Even in the Western world, the way we ‘do church’ is changing since the Covid pandemic, and we are seeing some churches adapt quicker than others.

With Refresh, we can partner with you to bring a compelling Vision and Mission for your church that focuses all aspects of church life and simplifies decision-making.
Similar to the ‘Secret Shopper’, we partner with churches by discretely attend services to observe and see what is working, and what is not. Our reports and feedback also include various ways of addressing areas that may require attention.

Churches would also benefit from Governance and Structure that is streamlined, agile and promotes growth in a permission giving environment. At Refresh our service include site visits as needed, coaching calls, online virtual meetings with committees or leadership teams, workshops or retreats for the leadership-teams as appropriate, comprehensive reporting with recommendations, and on-going resourcing is available through Refresh.

Refresh also offers individuals Life Coaching services including Executive Leadership and Emotionally Intelligence.

We exist to support the local church and those that shepherd them.

The benefit of change is greater than the cost of change