How We Can Help

Our experience as church leaders and the ministries we’ve been involved in around the world over the years, enables us to bring high quality, relevant consulting and support that is built on a heart and passion to see you fulfil all that God has for you and for your church. We come as invited guests to facilitate, support and introduce coaching tools to edify, encourage and help you and your leadership team.
We are available for speaking engagements, conferences, seminars, workshops, as well as supporting you as a leadership couple or individual in a consultation capacity. Refresh can also support you with your church governance documentation, bringing all your policies and procedures up to date.

Please take a look at the modules and see if any are relevant for your church. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any situations or circumstances you find yourself in as a leader, we are here for you.
Maybe you know of other church leaders, and friends of yours that may benefit from our consultations and workshops, please share this with others.

Refresh can support you in a variety of ways.

We can delivery a range of modules to you and your leadership teams, that reflect your church’s vision and culture.

We can provide a consistent leadership consultancy on a one-to-one basis, (or small teams), often twice a month over a period of time of six months, to one year.

We can help by writing your church governance documentation, such as your church constitution or business plan.

In Exodus 18, it wasn’t Aaron, Caleb or even Joshua who noticed Moses struggling with the amount of ministry he was struggling with, it was an ‘outside’ voice. A person visiting Moses who noticed the challenges Moses was facing each day as he attempted to minister and counsel the children of Israel. Jethro did not have any other agenda but to advise and help Moses cope with this increase in ministry. No other voice from ‘inside’ the camp appeared to notice the leaders challenges, with no recording in scripture of any voicing their concerns. This is the type of approach that we at Refresh can bring to your church.

As well as having a Master’s degree in Missional Leadership, Danny is also a qualified Life Coach, with a Level 7 QLS Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching. He is DBS Advance checked and available as a Emotional Intelligence (EI), and Personal Life Coach.¬†
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Everything rises and falls on leadership

– John C Maxwell