We are aware that churches need support, godly counsel and healthy leadership advice. Often from the ‘outside’ looking in, instead of just within your own ministry circle. We are also aware that where some churches can afford top consultants, other smaller fellowships may struggle to invest in this type of support and training. Therefore we endeavour to keep our costs to a minimum without compromising on our standard of delivery, professionalism or quality of training.??

Transparency is a key value for Refresh Consultancy and we recognise there are two key questions you may have.?

Can we do the job for you?

Will the costs fit with your budget?

This is why we place our costs up front for all to see. A number of consultancy websites do not advertise up front their costs, instead they would prefer that you connect with them first, and then negotiate. As a church leader who is involved in many areas of leadership and ministry, I would personally like to see straight away what the costs are and if that fits with our budget.

The culture of Refresh Church Consultancy is transparency. There is no sales pitch and no ‘extra hidden costs’.

Two Leadership Modules presented will take a day (typical 10-4pm). £400.


Evenings sessions are available,
please email for more information


You are investing in the future of yourself and your church leadership

Our modules include…

  1. Vision, Values and Culture
  2. Dents in the armour
  3. Team Structure
  4. Self Aware Leader
  5. The Compound Effect
  6. Pattern and Power of thought
  7. Change Management
  8. Coping with Increase

For overseas invites, please contact us


UK Church Governance documentation:


Business Plan £1950


Church Constitution £400


All other governance documentation £75

How it Works:

1. Connect with us. or complete an invite form.
2. We will contact you via phone call, or zoom to discuss your current needs as a church, along with aims and objectives from our consultancy. We would also provide details of the various available workshops.
3. If you are happy with what we can offer, a booking appointment is confirmed.
4. Our workshops are relational, with open discussion and questions.<br />
To help us consistently improve our service, we would invite all attendees at the conclusion of our workshops to complete a feedback questionnaire.