Church Governance Documentation

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Another service we can support you with is church governance documentation. Do you need help in drafting contracts? Do you need help in formatting a constitution reflecting your church? Do you need a quality business plan to use for applying for grants or loans?

We are here first and foremost to understand your unique situation, your context, and the specific challenges your church currently faces.

Have you expanded and require updated church governance documentation that will look after you and bring clarity and transparency? As well as fulfil your legal obligation.

At Refresh Church Consultancy, we have the knowledge and experience to support you in Church Governance.

Church Governance documentation can include the following.

Business Plan
Church Constitution
Policies & Procedures
GDPR Governance
Safeguarding Policies
Confidentiality Agreements
Church Membership Courses
Church Staff Handbook
Volunteer Application Forms

We can help produce these documents that are geared specifically for your UK church/organisation.

For more information on how we can help with your church governance documents, please email us

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– Danny Miller